Additional Services

Stripping Systems

We manufacture tooling for both traditional and dedicated speed stripping processes. Our tools can be tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs, often utilizing various stripping techniques such as block stripping, claw&SpeedPin combination and claw&pins to achieve the best results. Our specialized software facilitates easy customization of tooling according to specific requirements.

Vacuum Forming / Thermoforming (High Rule Dies)

Precise and customized steel rule dies for cut-in-place applications. Every cavity is bent and welded according to the clients’ desired specifications, and our advanced die-making techniques ensure that each cavity is within tolerance and extremely flat. Common cuts can also be incorporated into cut-in-place cavities, making them a cost-effective alternative to forged dies.

Our clients appreciate the technological advantages of steel rule dies, as they offer better tolerance, superior edge quality, faster turn times, and reduced setup times. Steel rule dies are also effective at reducing “angel hair” and provide better heat transfer. In contrast to forged dies, where an entire set of cavities needs to be sent for sharpening if one cavity is damaged, only the damaged steel rule cavity needs to be replaced. Since steel rule cavities are pre-bent to the same file, they can be replaced quickly and easily, saving valuable time.

Cardboard Construction Template

Our printed cardboard construction templates come with a very high level of precision, are lightweight but stiff and strong and made of sterile material which is very important especially for food contact packaging . The templates are also very super aesthetic to the eye as well which is very important . we provide printing services for any template size required and within 24 hours it will make its way to you.

Phenolic make-ready counter (Pertinax)

A Pertinax counter offers a “cost-effective” means to reduce make-ready time and prolong the lifespan of make-readies. These counters are precise and long-lasting, generated from the the file of the die for a perfect fit. The process of using a Pertinax counter is simple and typically less time-consuming than traditional make-ready methods. We offer various counter materials suitable for different customer needs and preferences.

Laser Cutting Services

Our laser cutting is one of the most accurate in the industry and done at record speed compared to other technologies and the results are incredible. Using the laser we can cut all common types of wood up to a thickness of 40-50 mm including plexiglass and acrylic materials.

Laser cutting is designed to provide our customers with production capabilities for a wide variety of uses and at the highest levels of precision, such as display products, electronic products, ornamental products, and individually produced artistic products.

Our laser cutting technologies are also used by architects, artisan carpenters and product designers to produce decorative and architectural items for special projects.